Portal (NVIDIA SHIELD/Tegra 4) 2021 APK Download Apk Free

Portal (NVIDIA SHIELD/Tegra 4) 2021 APK

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Game Info

OSAndroid 4.3+
Memory2 GB RAM
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As featured in TegraZone and winner of over 70 industry awards and 95% MetaCritic score, is available on NVIDIA SHIELD.

After considerable time has passed, Wheatley, a personality core, that has helped to maintain Aperture Science during the absence of GLaDOS arrives at the room of the awakening Chell. With a desire to flee the crumbling facility, Wheatley and Chell begin their quest to escape Aperture Science to return to the real world. After separating from Wheatley and completing a series of tests revisited from Portal, Chell reunites with Wheatley and head to what they believe will be escape.

They must cross through the chamber of GLaDOS who lies broken and dismembered on the floor of her chamber, they enter the breaker room looking for a way out, and instead accidentally reactivate GLaDOS. They rise up through the floor just in time to witness GLaDOS pulling herself back together and taking over the facility again. Chell and GLaDOS quickly reunite, culminating with GLaDOS using a robotic arm to drop Chell into the incinerator, and guiding her back towards a new series of tests that GLaDOS intends to force Chell to run continuously until she dies.

Meanwhile, Wheatley attempts to find a way to get out from under GLaDOS and continue their attempt to escape facility, with Chell’s help, he intends to disable her turret production line, disable her Deadly Neurotoxin and then shut her down once again to facilitate their escape.

He reunites with Chell and they escape through the bowels of the building. After achieving their goals and enter GLaDOS’ now rebuilt chamber, the computer system detects an alternate core and begins the process of a core transfer, which GLaDOS promptly refuses, prompting the Stalemate Button to be activated.

Chell works her way to the button, finally hitting it, which then swaps out the cores of GLaDOS and Wheatley. Wheatley, corrupt with the power from the entire facility of Aperture, quickly turns on Chell, and shoves GLaDOS into a potato battery as revenge. He knocks them down an elevator shaft where they fall to the remnants of the previous incarnation of the Aperture facility.

GLaDOS (in potato form), has now informed Chell that Wheatley was designed to make extremely poor decisions, in order to turn GLaDOS into somewhat of a moron in an effort to control and dampen her homicidal tendencies.

She informs Chell that Wheatley’s lack of stability is going to cause the destruction of Aperture Science killing everyone and everything inside the facility. Before Chell can decide whether or not to help, GLaDOS is swooped away by a bird and Chell heads off to attempt to find a way back into the primary facility.


The game is a hybrid of FPS and puzzle style gaming that creates a new genre of spatial brain teasers, offering hours of totally unique gameplay. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories and noted for its humorous writing, the game requires player to solve puzzles and challenges by opening portals, maneuvering objects, and moving themselves through space in ways that used to be impossible.

Playing today will teach you how to love a “companion cube”, whether a computer named GLaDOS really wants you dead, and why your friends keep telling you “The cake is a lie”.


(Supported Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish)

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Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nvidia.valvesoftware.portal

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